Lenny was an brownish-orange 1963 maple-neck Stratocaster.

 History Behind "Lenny" Edit

Lenny was named after Lenora Bailey, Stevie Ray's wife from 1979 to 1988. Apparently, Stevie found the guitar in a pawnshop. He could not afford to pay and so one of Stevie's roadies, Byron Barr bough it for him. He gave the guitar to Lenora and they both presented it to Stevie Ray for his 23rd birthday in 1976. Apparently, Lenora was supposed to pay Byron for the guitar (she and a few friends helped to raise money), however, it was Stevie who settled the debt, with cash and a leather jacket.

Lenny was originally a think rosewood neck, however, Stevie Ray replaced it with a thicker, non-fender maple neck. This neck was presented to him by ZZ Tops' Billy Gibbons. Stevie kept the tremelo arm, pickups and frets in their original condition. Sometimes in 1986, Stevie would add a filigree-style decal to the bridge and put his SRV initials on the pickguard. Rene Martinez also modified the tremelo unit to be "floating", which enabled Stevie to either pull up or push down on the bar to bend the strings with immense force. Lenny was used with the lightest strings than all Stevie Ray's other guitars. This would enable Stevie Ray to create a mellow sound that he used for a lot of his slow songs, including, Lenny (Duh?) and Riviera Paradise. Little is known where Lenny is kept nowadays, but rumors persist that Jimmie Vaughan has it. Check the Photo.